It is an expanse of your tradition and memories. It isn't just a piece of land. And of all the requisites you look in a prospective buyer, we believe we'll fulfill the most important one - valuing your land as much as you do. Designing and developing quality living spaces since 2004, we have created a niche for ourselves in making exquisite luxury apartments and villas in Chennai, Banglore & Coimbatore.

We invite landowners of 2 grounds and above to enter into a fair and profitable Joint Venture or Outright Purchase. Driven by the belief of building aspirations and fulfilling them, we assure a transparent and hassle-free transaction and an opportunity to make the most of your asset.

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Note: There is likelihood for the same property to be referred to us by multiple mediators. To avoid any disputes in this regard. We wish to inform all the mediators that CASA GRANDE Pvt. Ltd. would always deal with one mediator for each property and that would be the first mediator who would have referred this property to CASA GRANDE Pvt. Ltd... In the event that the first mediator is unable to get us a contact with the owner within 15 days we would consider the second mediator to do the same.